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  • Galvanic Isolated Latching 60V Solid State Relay
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  • Neo-Iso™ Solid State Relay with Diagnostics and Power Transfer Output (PTO)
Semtech TS13401

Semtech TS13401

Neo-Iso™ Solid State Relay Driver with Sensing and Power Transfer

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The TS13401 is a galvanically isolated 60V power FET driver with bi-directional blocking. The state of the switch and other product features are controlled by sending commands on the CLK input. The TS13401 supports several sensing modes where the switch state, load current, supply voltage and device temperature can be sampled. The digitized measurements can be read back from the device on the DATA pin when requested on the CLK pin. In addition, TS13401 supports power transfer from the system‘s AC supply to the low-voltage controller domain. The TS13401 includes several protection features. The switch will open in self protection if current exceeds the over-current limit or if the device temperature limit is exceeded. The switch will remain open until a new turn on sequence is given through CLK.


  •  Low Quiescent Operating Currents 15μA in ON state 2mA in Sensing Mode 
  •  Switch to controller scalable galvanic isolation 
  •  Single control signal for input commands Microcontroller-compatible levels 
  •  Switch Characteristics Bi-directional blocking in OFF state Up to 60V FETs supported Up to 10A current during inrush and 5A continuous operation
  • Operating Modes Zero-cross ON / OFF Immediate ON / OFF Dithering Mode for system power sharing Switch state polling 
  •  Sensing Modes for system data acquisition


  •  Power load/rail switching 
  •  Input supply multiplexing 
  •  Isolated power supplies 
  •  Solid state relays 
  •  HVAC control 
  •  Sprinkler control 
  •  Internet of Things (IoT)

Order Codes

  • TS13401ULTRT
  • TS13401EVB 
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