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Semtech TS13103

Semtech TS13103

Neo-Iso™ Solid State Relay with Diagnostics and Power Transfer Output (PTO)

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The TS13103 is a galvanically isolated 60V power switch device with bi-directional blocking. The device includes an integrated 290m? high voltage switch allowing high efficiency switching of power loads or other high current applications. CLK input pin control sequences support switching options, including immediate on/off, zero-volt switch-on, zero-current switch-off, dither modes, as well as latching and non-latching behavior.


  • Low Quiescent Operating Currents
    2μA in OFF state
    5μA in ON state
  • Supports galvanically-isolated I/O
  • Galvanic power transfer from load supply
  • Addressable for minimum GPIO usage
    Supports four physical address configurations
  • Single control signal for on/off input (CLK)
    Microcontroller-compatible 1.7V to 5.5V input levels
    Configurable switching options
  • Switch Characteristics:
    Bi-directional blocking in OFF state
    Single switch device
    60V switch and 290mΩ on-resistance
    Up to 2.5A operating current
  • Package Options
    16 lead QFN package – 3x3mm, 1.0mm max height
  • Operating Modes
    Zero-cross ON / OFF
    Immediate ON / OFF
    Dithering Mode for system power sharing
    Switch state polling


  • Power load / rail switching
  • Input supply multiplexing
  • Isolated power supplies
  • Solid state relays
  • HVAC control
  • Sprinkler control
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Packaged in a 16 lead QFN package – 3x3mm, 1.0mm max height

Order Codes

  • TS13103-QFNR
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