Neo-Iso™ Isolated Power and Switch Solutions

Neo-IsoTM technology from Semtech enhances Internet of Things applications by adding higher levels of intelligence and control. Neo-Iso switches make it possible for low-power microcontrollers to control high voltage loads in the system. Reporting of fault conditions from the switch to the controller enables system responses resulting in safer, more efficient operation. Low current draw allows each switch to operate off of power harvested from the load, eliminating the need for additional supplies. Implemented in proven, volume manufacturing processes, consistently high levels of reliability are achieved throughout the entire operating life. Semiconductor-based design allows future scalability and integration options not possible with legacy technologies such as mechanical relays and opto-couplers.

Neo-Iso Isolated Switching Features

  • Low profile (0.8mm) allows thin and compact end products
  • Silent operation improves user experience
  • Only proven smart relay replacement that can withstand harsh 24VAC HVAC environments
    • Supported by actual application stress testing (>1M cycles tested in the field)
  • Intelligent replacement for relays
    • Switch provides diagnostic and fault info
    • Scalable isolation level (100V - 10kV)
    • Easily controlled by application micro-controller via standard GPIO
  • Improved performance over relays
    • Faster turn-on / turn-off times (25µs vs. 3 - 10ms)
    • Lower primary current (5 - 10µA vs. 1 - 10mA)
    • Higher reliability (>1M cycles vs 100K cycles)
  • Options for integrated or external switch FETs
    • 60V integrated switch RDSon as low as 100mOhm
    • Voltage and RDSon scalable with gate drive option using external FETs