Timing over Packet Networks (ToPSync)

Semtech Timing over Packet Synchronization (ToPSync) uses the IEEE 1588 V2 Precision Time protocol to transport time or frequency over pack-based networks. This technology seamlessly enables packet networks to move to providing services more traditionally carried over circuit based networks such as SONET & SDH. This technology uses a very low data rate (typically 8kb/s) to deliver frequency, phase or time alignment with precision rivaling a typical GPS receiver. Our implementation of the IEEE 1588 V2 protocol is fully compatible with all Ethernet or IP networks. In addition, TopSync can supply FDD/TDD radio systems and circuit emulation systems with the synchronization signals they need -- greatly reducing the cost of clocking all wireless basestation equipment. Interoperability is ensured with ToPSync's compliance to all the relevant parts of IEEE 1588 V2.

Learn more about IEEE 1588V2 in this article published by Mobile Dev and Design magazine:

ToPSync: More than Just a Protocol

IEEE 1588 V2 (PTP) is a protocol for accurately recording and sending time-stamps of packets at PTP enabled nodes. The protocol is used in a slave to determine the flight time of a packet from a master to a slave or vice versa. The PTP protocol does not specify how to filter the packet delay variation (differences in flight times of packets between master & slave nodes). The packet delay variation (PDV) is very dependent on the network elements that the packet passes through, along with other conditions such as traffic loads and packet types. Semtech's patented algorithm in the slave analyzes the packet delays in a sophisticated network analysis engine to determine the real time offset. This powerful analysis allows Semtech's ToPSync to provide class-leading time alignment across heavily congested networks of switches and routers.

ToPSync Technology Overview

For a brief overview on our ToPSync technology please visit our TopSync Technology Overview page.

ToPSync Partner Solutions

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