LED Drivers
  • SC445
  • High Efficiency Integrated Driver for 4-Strings of 150mA LEDs
  • SC440
  • High Effi ciency Integrated Driver for 6-Strings of 30mA LEDs
  • SC440A
  • High Efficiency Integrated Driver for 6-Strings of 30mA LEDs
  • SC441A
  • High Efficiency Integrated Driver for 4-Strings of 150mA LEDs - AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • SC441C
  • High Efficiency Integrated Driver for 4-Strings of 150mA LEDs - High Voltage Input
  • SC442
  • 10-Channel, Integrated, High Efficiency 120 White LED Driver
  • SC443
  • High Efficiency Integrated Boost Driver for 3-Strings of 30mA LEDs
  • SC446
  • High Efficiency Integrated Driver for 3-Strings of 100mA LEDs
Semtech SC4505

Semtech SC4505

High Efficiency Boost Converter for Backlight / Flash LED Driver

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The SC4505 is a high-frequency PWM current-mode stepup switching regulator with an integrated 2A power transistor. Its high switching frequency (1MHz) allows the use of tiny surface-mount external passive components. The internal switch is rated at 36V which makes the converter ideal for multiple LED series operation with optimal current matching. Two programmable independent current source structure allows dual panel LED backlight and flash operation.


  • Two independent current sources for dual LED strands with optimal current/light matching. Backlight up to 75mA, Flash up to 125mA
  • Wide input range from 2.6V to 12V
  • Adaptive output voltage up to 28V with OVP protection against open circuit conditions
  • Low shutdown current (<1μA )
  • Internal Flash/Torch mode with flash timeout to protect LEDs
  • 1MHz Fixed Frequency Current-Mode Control
  • Internal 2A current limit for driving large numbers of LEDs
  • Supports PWM Dimming from 50Hz to 50kHz
  • Internal undervoltage lockout
  • Small, low profile, thermally enhanced 16-MLPQ package is fully WEEE and RoHS compliant


  • White LED power supplies
  • Flat screen LCD bias supplies
  • TFT bias supplies
  • Dual panel Handset/Liquid Crystal Display Monitor
  • Portable media players
  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras



Order Codes

  • SC4505MLTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
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