LoRa™ Product Family

The SX127x family provides significant benefits for range, robust performance, and battery lifetime compared to competing technologies.

When combined with the LoRa concentrator from Semtech, superior system performance can be achieved by extending the range, increasing the capacity of the network, improving battery lifetime, and robustness to interference. The LoRa concentrator is a multi-channel, multi-modem solution that can simultaneously receive multiple packets. The simultaneous reception of multiple packets on the same channel is permitted by the advanced properties of the LoRa modulation. Semtech’s LoRa solution is leading to drastic improvements in performance, range, battery lifetime, and network capacity compared to existing technologies.

LoRa Transceivers
Features & Benefits
Key Features
Customer Benefit
  • >160 dB link budget
  • +20 dBm TX power
Longest Range
  • Exceptional IIP3
  • 10dB selectivity improvement over FSK
  • Tolerant to in-channel burst interference
Robust Links
  • Lowest RX current - 10mA
  • Lowest sleep current
  • Ultrafast wake-up (sleep to RX/TX)
Extended Battery Life