LoRa™ Product Family

Semtech's LoRa RF platform (SX127X product family) is a 2-way wireless solution that complements M2M cellular infrastructure, and provides a low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to the network infrastructure. By combining our LoRa RF transceiver products with our LoRa concentrator gateway, you can create networks with longer ranges and the capacity to handle millions of devices. You can also improve the battery lifetime of your end-user devices, while minimizing signal interference. The result is a network ideal for Internet of Things (IoT), metering, security, asset tracking, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

LoRa Transceivers
LoRa Concentrator
Features & Benefits
Key Features
Customer Benefit
  • >160 dB link budget
  • +20 dBm TX power
Longest Range
  • Exceptional IIP3
  • 10dB selectivity improvement over FSK
  • Tolerant to in-channel burst interference
Robust Links
  • Lowest RX current - 10mA
  • Lowest sleep current
  • Ultrafast wake-up (sleep to RX/TX)
Extended Battery Life