ISM Band RF Transceiver Application Notes

RF Design Guidelines

PCB Layout and Circuit Optimization

This application note provides easy to follow, practical, guidelines for both RF circuit optimization and the subsequent PCB layout. It uses the ETSI and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pre-qualified Semtech reference designs as a template upon which to base future RF circuit designs and ensure that optimum performance is achieved for all Semtech RF IC circuits.

FCC Regulations for ISM Band Devices: 902 - 928 MHz

This technical note helps you understand the FCC technical requirements, test methodology, and regulations for operating non-licensed devices using the 902 - 928 MHz ISM band.

Calculating Radiated Power and Field Strength for Conducted Power Measurements

This application note explains the relationship between conducted power levels and radiated power field strengths.

Transceiver Standard API Definitions (and source code)

Provides an easy to use Application Program Interface (API) and basic software drivers for Semtech transceivers. This API allows a quick evaluation of the XE1200 transceiver and aims to ease the start of a development, using standard calls to low level functions. All functions are open source, allowing you to evaluate performance and electrical characteristics of the transceiver and then customize to meet your design requirements.

SM1211 User Guide

This document describes the SX1211 reference design module and includes both the circuit schematic and PCB stack information. The Bill of Material is also included.

SX1211 Reference Design

  • PCB Gerber Files, Schematic and BOM
  • Allows you to manufacture and/or “cut and paste” the SM1211 reference design into your own application

SX1211 PLL Frequency Synthesizer Calculator

  • Useful utility that allows you to calculate the R, P and S divider ratios for the SX1211’s Integer-N PLL frequency synthesizer.
  • This tool allows for the calculation of both single and multi-channel frequency plans, as well as calculating all the possible frequency combinations available in a range. An additional feature of this tool is the ability to compensate for frequency errors introduced by crystal tolerances.

SX1211SK EVK User Guide

User Guide for the SX1211SK EVK

SX1211SK Configuration Files (and Code Examples)

This application note provides a simple description of typical pre-defined configurations for various FSK and OOK modes. We recommend you ready this application note in conjunction with the SX1211 datasheet and EVK User Guide.

XE1203F High Resolution RSSI

The purpose of this application note is to develop a high dynamic and good accuracy external RSSI for the

XM1203F Reference Design

  • PCB Gerber Files, schematic and BOM.
  • Allows you to manufacture and/or “cut and paste” the XM1203F reference design into his application.

XM1205 Reference Design

  • PCB Gerber Files, Schematic and BOM.
  • Allows you to manufacture and/or “cut and paste” the XM1203F reference design into his application.