LoRa®-enabled IoT Network in Russia Covering 30 Million People Deployed by The Lace Company

Network operator Lace is rapidly expanding its LoRa low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) coverage

Camarillo, California - October 01, 2015

Semtech (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, today announced The Lace Company, a global wireless network operator, has deployed an Internet of Things (IoT) network, enabled by LoRa® RF technology, covering more than a dozen major cities in Russia including Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The Lace Network covers more than 30 million people across 9,000 square kilometers, and is the first and largest LPWAN to target coverage in Russia, a significant milestone for the IoT movement and LoRaWAN™ standardization through the LoRa Alliance.

The LoRaWAN protocol standardizes low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN) with direct connection of low-power end devices to gateways, and cloud-based network serves to enable interoperability between IoT applications. The LoRa Alliance, which includes both Semtech and Lace and was launched earlier this year, is a fast-growing alliance with the goal to standardize LPWAN for IoT networks globally. The Alliance includes leading IoT solution providers, major telecom companies and numerous companies developing products for IoT.

BI Intelligence predicts that by 2019 the Internet of Things network revenues will exceed $1.7 trillion making it the biggest market in the world far larger than smartphones, computers, tablets and smart cars combined. The applications targeted and being deployed in the Lace Network included home energy monitoring, remote health monitoring, agriculture, environment protection, flexible vehicle insurance plans, alarm systems, transportation and smart city.

“Our network allows the user to connect to an unlimited number of smart sensors,” said Igor Shirokov, CEO of Lace Ltd. “We are providing connectivity to any device that supports the open LoRaWAN standard. Any third party company can create new businesses and services in IoT and M2M market based on our network and the LoRaWAN protocol.”

“We enjoyed working with the Lace engineering team on this network as they have a very unique vision for the impact that IoT can have for improving the lives of people throughout Russia,” said Marc Pegulu, Vice President and General Manager, Semtech Wireless, Sensing, and Timing Product Group. “This network is another example of how LoRa RF technology is being selected for IoT network deployments worldwide due to the open standardization through the LoRa Alliance and the extremely strong ecosystem of partners such as Lace.”

Key Features of LoRa RF Technology:

  • Long Range: A single LoRa base station enables deep penetration capability for dense urban environments and indoor coverage, while also providing the ability to connect to sensors more than 15-30 miles away in rural areas.
  • Low Cost: LoRa reduces both upfront infrastructure investments and operating costs, as well as end-node sensor costs.
  • Standardized: LoRaWAN ensures interoperability among applications, IoT solution providers and telecom operators to speed adoption and deployment.
  • Low Power: The LoRaWAN protocol was developed specifically for low power and enables unprecedented multi-year battery lifetime.


About Lace

The Lace Company (“Lace” LLC) develops and operates a self-named, wireless, global, energy efficient network. Our talented engineers take an active role in the work of LoRa Alliance committees. Other members include such trustworthy companies as IBM, Semtech and other companies in the field of telecommunication, microelectronics, program development, and system integration – from startups to multinational corporations. Lace is making a significant contribution to the development of the Internet of Things all over the world.

About Semtech

Semtech Corporation is a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for high-end consumer, computing, communications and industrial equipment. Products are designed to benefit the engineering community as well as the global community. The company is dedicated to reducing the impact it, and its products, have on the environment. Internal green programs seek to reduce waste through material and manufacturing control, use of green technology and designing for resource reduction. Publicly traded since 1967, Semtech is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol SMTC. For more information, visit www.semtech.com.

Press Contact

Ronda Grech, Public Relations, Telephone: (805) 480-2193

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