Resistive Touch Controllers

Semtech offers ultra-low power 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touchscreen controllers optimized for portable equipment where power and board-space are at a premium. Our ultra low power, fully integrated touchscreen controller platform enables multi-touch gestures on regular 4-wire resistive touchscreens and supports proximity on any panel. It also features advanced haptics control as well as robust on-chip ESD protection in a small footprint.

In addition, our fully integrated, haptics enabled 4D-Touch family of resistive touchscreen controllers (SX8654/55/56/57/58) feature a unique built-in proximity sensing circuitry which enables proximity detection in applications where automatic system wake up or backlight LED dimming adjustments are required without the need for any additional components. The SX865x family can directly connect to an ERM or LRA Motor to create haptic feedback, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated μC interface.


  • Low power (0.4μA)
  • Compatible with a wide range of resistive panels
  • Enable multi-touch gestures with 4-wire touch panel
  • Built-in proxmitiy detection with any panels (>5cm)
  • Integrated haptics motor control (LRA & ERM)
  • High Precision 12-bit Resolution
  • ESD protection (±25kV Air & ±15kV Contact)
  • 50kSPS Eq. throughput
  • Digital filters
  • Four Operating Modes Provide System Flexibility: Pen Trigger, Pen Detect, Auto and Manual
  • Series Interface
  • Ultra-Small Footprint

  • Portable Navigation Device
  • Automotive Center Console
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • DSC, Video Camera
  • Handheld Games & Mobile
  • POS Terminals
  • Control Panel
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