Hot-Swap Controllers
  • SC4150
  • Negative-Voltage Hot-Swap Controller
Semtech SC4250

Semtech SC4250

Negative-Voltage Hot-Swap Controller

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  • Allows insertion of line cards into a live backplane
  • Programmable slew of the inrush current when used for hot insertion in the negative 24 V and 48 V backplane
  • Closed-loop operation limits the maximum current even in short-circuit condition
  • Built-in timer prevents false shutdown when the closed-loop operation limits the current
  • Sensing the drain voltage allows for immediate shutdown in short-circuit conditions where current spikes and noise are ignored
  • Power-good signal
  • Input UVLO and OVLO sensing
  • Circuit breaker and retry
  • SO-8 package


  • Central office switching
  • Negative 48 V distributed power systems
  • Power supply hot-swap & inrush control



Order Codes

  • SC4250HISTR: Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC4250HISTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC4250LISTR: Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC4250LISTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
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