How to Apply

What job opportunities are currently available at Semtech?

To view a list of all available employment opportunities at Semtech click on Current Opportunities. You can further refine your search by selecting a region, or using keywords to do a full text search.

How do I submit my resume?

When viewing a specific job opportunity, there is a APPLY NOW hotspot at the bottom of the listing. Click on the words APPLY NOW and it will take you to our on-line employment application. There is a place to add a cover letter and attach your resume. Once you click the Submit button your resume will be added to our searchable resume repository and will stay in our system for 1 year. Submitting your resume more than one time will NOT increase your chances of being considered for a position.

We prefer resum├ęs in MS Word format.

Why am I prompted to select other job(s) I am interested in?

Semtech has many similar job openings throughout the world, and we are constantly looking for talented, skilled people. If you feel that you are a match for one or more job openings besides the one you selected to apply for, select those other job(s) and the hiring manager(s) for all the positions will see your resume.

How do I know if my resume has been received by Semtech?

If you receive the Thank You page upon submitting your resume, we have successfully received your application. If you get an error at that time, please re-submit your resume.

Will I be notified one way or another if the job is filled or I progress farther in the process?

If you received the Thank You screen, we received your resume. If your education and skills meet the requirements of this position, a representative from Semtech will contact you. Please do NOT submit your resume multiple times as it does NOT increase your chances of being considered for a position at Semtech.

If you do not see a job with your particular skill set, you can also send your resume directly to us at

We're looking for team players who appreciate diversity and who want to excel and be rewarded for their excellence.