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Semtech SC5012

Semtech SC5012

High Efficiency 4-Ch, 150mA/Ch LED Driver with I2C Interface and Phase-Shifted PWM Dimming

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The SC5012 is a 4-channel high-precision, high-efficiency step-up (Boost) HB LED driver designed for backlight applications. It features wide input voltage range (4.75V to 45V) , flexible output configuration, wide analog and PWM dimming range, phase shifting, optional fading, external boost controller frequency synchronization (FSYNC), I2C interface, and numerous protection features. 

The complete datasheet for this product is available by request only. To request a datasheet, please fill out our information request form.


  • Input Voltage — 4.75V to 45V
  • Output Voltage — Up to 65V
  • Step-up (Boost) Controller
    • Ultra-Fast Transient Response
    • Programmable Switching Frequency
    • External Sync Frequency for Boost Controller
  • Linear Current Sinks
    • 4 Strings, up to 150mA/String
    • Current Matching ±1%
    • Current Accuracy ±2%
  • PWM Dimming
    • String-by-String Phase Shifting
    • Dimming Frequency 100Hz-30kHz
    • User Selectable 9 or 10 Bits Dimming Resolution
    • Optional Synchronization to VSYNC/HSYNC Signal
  • External Frequency Synchronization, FSYNC
  • 8-bit Analog Dimming
  • I2C Interface
    • Fault Status — Open/Short LED, OTP
    • Device Control: SYNC Freq, PLL Setting
  • Protection Features
    • Open/Shorted LED(s) and adjustable OVP
    • Over-Temperature
  • 4mm X 4mm 24 Ld QFN Package


  • Medium-sized LCD Panel
  • Automotive Car Navigation/Information Display
  • LCD Monitors


24 Ld QFN (4mm X 4mm)
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