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Semtech SC4211

Semtech SC4211

Very Low Input / Very Low Dropout 1 Amp Regulator With Enable

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The SC4211 is a high performance positive voltage regulator designed for use in applications requiring very low Input voltage and very low dropout voltage at up to 1 amp.


  • Input Voltage as low as 1.4V
  • 400mV dropout @ 1A
  • Adjustable output from 0.5V
  • Over current and over temperature protection
  • Enable pin
  • 10μA quiescent current in shutdown
  • Low reverse leakage (output to input)
  • Full industrial temperature range
  • Available in SOIC-8EDP Lead-free package, fully WEEE and RoHS compliant


  • Telecom/networking cards
  • Motherboards/peripheral cards
  • Industrial applications
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Set-top boxes
  • Medical equipment
  • Notebook computers
  • Battery-powered systems



Order Codes

  • SC4211HSTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC4211EVB: SC4211 Evaluation Board
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