Laser Modulator Drivers
  • GN1157
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate LR Transceiver Chip
  • GN1158
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate SR Transceiver Chip
  • GN1160
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate Laser Driver Chip
  • GN1153B/C
  • 11.3 Gbps DFB/FP Laser Driver
  • GN1155
  • Multi-rate VCSEL Driver with Integrated Limiting Amplifier
  • GN1190
  • 1.0Gb/s to 14.5Gb/s 4-Channel VCSEL Array Driver
  • GN1411
  • 11.3G DML driver with integrated limiting amplifier
  • GN1412
  • 11.3G EML driver with integrated limiting amplifier
Semtech GN7355

Semtech GN7355

Single-Chip Burst Mode 10G EPON Transceiver with Integrated CDR

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The GN7355 is Gennum’s 2nd generation 10G EPON Transceiver chip designed specifically for the ONU (Optical Network Unit).  The GN7355 builds on the 1st generation platform (GN7350) and includes performance enhancements and new features that are designed to lower the both overall power and cost of the module.

Through re-timing the high speed signal, the CDR within the GN7355 ensures highest link margin and lowest jitter signal. This provides much needed margin on the IEEE P802.3av 10G EPON standard, simplifies the module design, and enables interoperability with different MAC (Media Access Control) vendors. Gennum's long-standing leadership in CDR technology allows for easy integration of this functionality into the chip, while still meeting the cost structure and low power consumption that PON systems demand.


  • Burst mode
  • Eliminates excessive channel noise
  • Integrated CDR ensures the highest link margin and lowest jitter signal
  • Supports IEEE P802.3av 10G EPON


  • 10G EPON Systems

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The GN7355 will be available for sampling soon.

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