Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
  • GN1113
  • 8.5 Gbps Fibre Channel Rx Repeater
  • GN1114
  • 8.5 Gb/s CDR with Equalizer Input and VCSEL Driver
  • GN2003S
  • 9.95 - 11.3 Gb/s Limiting Amplifier plus Clock and Data Recovery
  • GN2004S
  • 9.95 - 11.3 Gb/s Equalizer plus Clock and Data Recovery
  • GN2010D
  • Dual 8.5G & 10G CDR with integrated DML driver and limiting amplifier
  • GN2010E
  • Dual 8.5G & 10G CDR with intergrated EML driver and limiting amplifier
  • GN2012
  • Dual 8.5G & 10G CDR with integrated limiting amplifier
  • GN2013A
  • Limiting Amplifier plus Clock and Data Recovery IC with Manual Slice Level Adjust
Semtech GN2017

Semtech GN2017

Dual 14G CDR with integrated VCSEL driver and limiting amplifier

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The GN2017 is an integrated highly-flexible bi-directional CDR, laser driver and limiting amplifier for 16G Fibre Channel, and FCoE SFP+ VCSEL based applications.

The GN2017 extends the reach and robustness of high-speed serial links by compensating for losses in the transmission medium and by resetting the jitter budget.

The transmit path consists of optional equalization, a multi-rate CDR and a VCSEL laser driver.

The receive path is comprised of a limiting amplifier, a multi-rate CDR, and programmable output pre-emphasis.

Both transmit and receive directions offer highly configurable eye shaping features, which allow for optimal electrical and optical outputs. Both directions also offer the option for polarity invert, loopback, output mute, and programmable output rise/fall times.

The GN2017 has an integrated analog to digital converter, which through the serial interface, provides digital diagnostic information on supply voltage, die temperature, laser bias current, and transmit optical power.

The GN2017 is configurable for multi-rate operation. Two configuration profiles optimized for different data rates can be programmed into the GN2017.

The GN2017 also offers integrated laser safety features.

The GN2017 device is packaged in a small outline 5mm × 5mm, 32-pin, high-frequency QFN package with exposed pad.

The GN2017 is Pb-free and the encapsulation compound does not contain halogenated flame retardant.


  • Dual CDRs with 9.95-11.3Gb/s and 14.025Gb/s reference-free operation
  • Integrated limiting amplifier with sensitivity less than 10mV
  • Integrated VCSEL driver
  • Automatic rate detect
  • On-chip Automatic Power Control (APC) loop
  • Digital control and monitoring
  • Integrated eye monitor
  • PRBS7 generator/checker
  • Bi-directional loopback
  • Polarity invert, output mute available in both transmit and receive direction
  • Optional transmit path input trace equalization
  • Programmable analog pre-emphasis for SFI output
  • Programmable VCSEL-driver Output Crossing-Point Adjust
  • VCSEL driver analog pre-emphasis: programmable boost amplitude and width
  • Programmable Tx Fault signalling (open-drain)
  • Integrated analog to digital converter, which provides access to digital diagnostic information on supply voltage, die temperature, laser bias current, and transmit optical power
  • I2C Serial Interface • Integrated laser safety features
  • Single 3.3V supply (+5%/-7%)
  • 5x5 32-pin QFN package
  • -40°C to 95°C case operation
  • Single-ended or differential, AC-coupled bias sink/source VCSEL drive operation
  • Adjustable bias current from 1mA to 12mA
  • Adjustable modulation current from 2mA peak-to-peak to 15mA peak-to-peak, single-ended
  • Output: 2 x 50?single-ended terminations
  • Crossing point adjustment (20% to 80% of eye height)
  • Programmable analog pre-emphasis:
    • peaking tail current range of 0 to 6mA in 32 steps
    • peaking temporal range 0 to 100ps in 32 steps
  • Programmable rise/fall time; 20ps to 40ps
  • Optional on-chip APC loop
  • Programmable Tx Fault signalling


  • 4.25/8.5/14.025Gb/s Fibre Channel SFP+ VCSEL based transceivers
  • 10GbE & Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) SFP+ VCSEL based transceivers

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Part Number Package
GN2017-INE3 32-QFN
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