Snowbush® IP

Semtech's IP development is exclusively focused on the design and delivery of silicon-proven, high-speed serial interface IP, and marketing it under the Snowbush® brand. Our IP is developed in design centers in Toronto, Canada, San Jose, CA, Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Bhubaneswar, India. We have a long history of providing advanced analog and mixed-signal IP for ASSP, ASIC, and SoC’s. We offer the industry's most robust, widely-deployed and production-tested family of SerDes IP (PHY) cores for today's most demanding high-speed serial communication protocols and applications.

IP PHY Product Family
On-Chip Observation & Diagnosis

    As designs include more digital adaptation and programmability, on-chip real time observation capabilities are growing in usage and usefulness.

Characterization & Validation

    Snowbush IP Controllers are architected to perform on ASIC/SoCs that require high performance, quality of service (as required), low power and low gate-count.

Calibration & Control

    Snowbush IP controllers have been architected to achieve very low latency and power with minimal gate-count.

Modeling & Simulation

    Modeling and simulation have become critical components to successfully integrating IP on a chip.