X-EMI™ Step-Down Regulators

Draw Your Own PCB Inductors
The SC220 is the industry’s first buck regulator that enables designers to draw their own inductors directly on the PC board. This device offers an ultra-fast, 20MHz switching frequency that, when used with Semtech’s patented X-EMI™ inductor technology, for the first time allows PCB trace inductors to meet or exceed the EMI performance of chip inductors.

X-EMI technology also eliminates the substantial cost and logistics issues associated with sourcing, qualifying and stocking discrete inductors.

Achieving very low EMI with PCB trace inductors makes the SC220 an ideal solution for set top box, HDTV, game console, automotive, industrial, and white goods power management switching applications.

How Does X-EMI™ Inductor Technology Work?
Conventional PCB trace inductors can be used with high-frequency switchers, but they exhibit significant EMI issues. X-EMI inductor technology solves these EMI problems and meets, or exceeds the EMI performance of chip inductors.

X-EMI technology works by placing two small air-core inductors adjacent to one another in anti-phase position, where the magnetic fields of each inductor partially cancel one another to reduce EMI. The net flux from the two inductors, partially cancels the wide leakage paths caused by the wide geometry, while still storing the energy of the inductors in series.

X-EMI technology makes drawing inductors with standard, single, dual or multilayer PCB material a reality for the first time.

Enables PCB trace inductors in standard PC board material
Patented X-EMI™ inductor technology eliminates shielding in EMI-sensitive applications
20MHz switching frequency
VIN range: 2.7V to 5.5V
Adjustable output voltage down to 1.0V
Output current up to 650mA
High Efficiency up to 90%
80% light-load efficiency
Hundreds of ns transient response
X-EMI-Enabled Step-Down Regulators