Switching Regulators
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  • 20MHz, 650mA, X-EMI™-Enabled Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
Semtech SC4215J

Semtech SC4215J

Very Low Input /Very Low Dropout 2 Amp Regulator With Soft-Start

The SC4215J is a high performance positive voltage regulator designed for use in applications requiring very low input voltage and very low dropout voltage at up to 2 amperes. It operates with a Vin as low as 1.4V, with output voltage programmable as low as 0.5V. The SC4215J features ultra low dropout, ideal for applications where Vout is very close to Vin.


  • Input Voltage as Low as 1.4V
  • 400mV Dropout @ 2A
  • Adjustable Output from 0.5V
  • 1ms Internal Soft-Start Minimizes Inrush Current
  • Over Current and Over Temperature Protection
  • Enable Function Option
  • 10μA Quiescent Current in Shutdown
  • Reverse Blocking from Output to Input
  • Full Industrial Temperature Range
  • Fully WEEE and RoHS Compliant


  • Telecom and Networking Cards
  • Motherboards and Peripheral Cards
  • Industrial Applications
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Medical Equipment


  • SOIC-8-EDP

Order Codes

  • SC4215JSETRT - Lead free, Device is WEEE and RoHS compliant and halogen free.