Switching Regulators
  • SC195F
  • 3.5MHz, 500mA Synchronous Step Down DC-DC Regulator
  • SC202F
  • 3.5MHz, 500mA Step-down Regulator with Integrated Inductor
  • SC21150
  • Tiny 1.2A Synchronous Buck Regulator
  • SC21152
  • Tiny 1.2A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Power Good
  • SC221
  • 20MHz, 650mA, X-EMI™-Enabled Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
  • SC284AQ
  • Dual Channel 2.5MHz, 1.7A Synchronous Buck Regulator
  • TS13101
  • Galvanic Isolated Latching 60V Power Load Switch
  • TS30011
  • High Efficiency 1A Current-Mode Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter, 1MHz
Semtech SC401B

Semtech SC401B

15A Integrated FET Regulator with Programmable LDO

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The SC401B is a stand-alone synchronous EcoSpeedTM buck power supply which incorporates Semtech’s advanced patented adaptive on-time control architecture.


  • Power System
    • Input voltage — 3V to 17V
    • Bias voltage — 3V to 5.5V LDO or external
    • Up to 96% peak efficiency
    • Integrated bootstrap switch
    • Programmable LDO output — 200mA
    • Reference tolerance — 1% TJ= -40 to +125 °C
    • Programmable soft-start time
  • Logic Input/Output Control
    • Independent EN controls for LDO and switcher
    • Programmable VIN UVLO threshold
    • Power good output
    • Selectable PSAVE or FCM mode
  • Protection
    • Over-voltage and under-voltage
    • TC compensated RDS(ON) sensed current limit
    • Thermal Shutdown
  • Output Capacitor Types
    • High ESR — SP, POSCAP, OSCON
    • Ceramic capacitors
  • Package
    • Lead-free package — 5x5mm, 32-Pin MLPQ
    • RoHS/WEEE compliant and Halogen free


  • Networking and telecommunication equipment
  • Printers, DSL, and STB applications
  • Embedded systems and power supply modules
  • Point of load power supplies


  • MLPQ 32-Pin - 5x5mm

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