PWM Controllers
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  • Synchronous Voltage-Mode Controller for Distributed Power-Supply Applications
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  • Asynchronous Voltage-Mode PWM Controller for 12 V Input
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  • Not Recommended For New Designs
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  • Low-Power Dual Synchronous DC/DC Controller with Current-Sharing Circuitry
Semtech SC2443

Semtech SC2443

Dual-Phase Single or Two Output Synchronous Step-Down Controller

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The SC2443 is a high-frequency dual synchronous step-down switching power supply controller. It provides out-of-phase high-current output gate drives to all N-channel MOSFET power stages.


  • Wide input voltage range: 4.7V to 16V
  • 0.5V feedback voltage for low-voltage outputs
  • Programmable frequency up to 1 MHz per phase
  • 2-Phase synchronous continuous conduction mode for high efficiency step-down converters
  • Out-of-phase operation for low input current ripples
  • Output source and sink currents
  • Fixed frequency peak current-mode control
  • 75mV/-110mV maximum current sense voltage
  • Inductor DCR current-sensing for low-cost applications
  • Dual outputs or 2-phase single output operation
  • Excellent current sharing between individual phases
  • Individual soft-start, overload shutdown and enable
  • External reference input for DDR applications
  • External synchronization
  • Industrial temperature range
  • 4mm X 4mm X1mm 24-lead MLPQ package


  • Telecommunication power supplies
  • DDR memory power supplies
  • Graphic power supplies
  • Servers and base stations


Order Codes

  • SC2443MLTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape and Reel Only
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