PWM Controllers
  • SC1102
  • Synchronous Voltage-Mode Controller for Distributed Power-Supply Applications
  • SC1103
  • Asynchronous Voltage-Mode PWM Controller for 12 V Input
  • SC1104A
  • Not Recommended For New Designs
  • SC1104B
  • Simple, Synchronous Voltage-Mode PWM Controller
  • SC1109
  • Synchronous PWM Controller With Dual Low-Dropout Regulator Controllers
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  • Sink and Source DC/DC Controller For Termination Power Supply Applications
  • SC1116
  • Linear FET Controller for DDR Supplies
  • SC1175
  • Low-Power Dual Synchronous DC/DC Controller with Current-Sharing Circuitry
Semtech SC2442H

Semtech SC2442H

High-Performance Wide Input Range Dual Synchronous Buck Controller

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SC2442 and SC2442H are high performance dual buck converter controllers that can be configured for a variety of synchronous buck applications where efficiency is most important.


  • Dual output controller
  • Asynchronous start-up mode
  • Power-up sequencing to prevent latch-up
  • Out-of-phase operation for low-input ripple
  • Over-current protection
  • Output down to 0.75 V
  • Wide input range, 4.75 to 30V for SC2442 and 4.75 to 36V for SC2442H
  • Vcc regulator with external PNP transistor
  • Programmable clock frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Two synchronous bucks for high efficiency at high current
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • Small TSSOP-24 package
  • Fully WEEE and RoHS Compliant


  • Point-of-load converter applications
  • DSL applications with multiple output voltages
  • Power management for mixed-signal applications
  • Cable modems and set-top boxes



Order Codes

  • SC2442HITSTR: Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC2442HITSTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC2442ITSTR: Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC2442ITSTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
  • SC2442H: SC2442H Evaluation Board
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