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Semtech SC1110

Semtech SC1110

Sink and Source DC/DC Controller For Termination Power Supply Applications

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The SC1110 is a low-cost, full featured, synchronous voltage-mode controller designed to generate termination voltage in double data rate (DDR) memory systems and other applications where wide data bus need to be actively terminated.


  • Generates termination voltages for active termination schemes
  • 1% set point accuracy
  • For ± 7 A output current, transient regulation is better than ± 80 mV
  • VREFIN pin available for external 50% resistive divider to allow termination voltage track of the chipset voltage
  • Buffered VREFOUT for system usage
  • RDSON sensing for over-current protection in hiccup mode
  • Soft start and logic input enabling
  • 250 kHz switching for best transient and efficiency performance
  • Gate drive capable for 0.5 A sourcing and sinking


  • DDR memory systems
  • Active termination schemes in high-speed logic systems



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