Receiver Optical Sub-Assemblies (ROSAs)
  • GN3052
  • 10Gb/s ROSA for LRM and Linear Applications
  • GN3150
  • 10 Gb/s ROSA for Short Reach 850nm Applications
  • GN3250
  • 10Gb/s ROSA for 40km Applications
  • GN3352
  • 10Gb/s APD ROSA
Semtech GN3050

Semtech GN3050

10Gb/s ROSA for 10km Applications

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The GN3050 long wave ROSA solution is a single mode fiber solution, supporting up to 10 kilometers, which conforms to the SONET OC192 SR-1 specification and the 10GbE LR specification.

With an operating wavelength of 1310 nanometers, the GN3050 achieves an industry-leading stress sensitivity of -21 dBm with an overload of +0.5 dBm and a gain of 10 kOhm. The advanced Rchip architecture provides the GN3050 with exceptional crosstalk performance to optimize sensitivity in real-world module applications.


  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Integral InP photodiode
  • Optical wavelength range 1265~1610nm
  • XMD compliant
  • Operates from 9.95 Gbps to 11.3 Gbps NRZ rates


  • 10GBASE-LR
  • SONET OC-192 SR-1

Order Codes

  • GN3050-3EB6AM5E3: LC with No Flex
  • GN3050-3EB6AM4E3: LC with XMD v2.0 Flex
  • GN3050-3EB6AM3E3: LC with XMD v5.0 Flex
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