Laser Modulator Drivers
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  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate LR Transceiver Chip
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  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate Laser Driver Chip
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  • Single-Chip Burst Mode 10G EPON Transceiver with Integrated CDR
Semtech GN1158

Semtech GN1158

1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate SR Transceiver Chip

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This specification defines a multi-rate transceiver IC for use in a wide range of SR Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications from 1.0Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s. This includes 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s Ethernet data rates as defined by IEEE 802.3 and 1,2,4,8 and 10Gb/s Fibre Channel data rates.

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  • Power Dissipation 180mW typical (IBIAS = 0mA, IMOD = 0mAppd)
  • VCSEL Laser Driver:
    • Maximum bias current = 15mA
    • Maximum modulation current into 50? differential TOSA = 20mApp
    • Tx DJ = 5pspp; Tx RJ = 0.5psrms
    • Integrated closed loop Automatic Power Control (APC)
    • Compatible with micro controller based modulation current/temperature look-up table
    • Programmable Tx eye shaping features and input equalization
    • Programmable rise/fall times
    • Laser safety features
    • Switchable Tx polarity invert
  • Limiting Amplifier Receiver:
    • Rx sensitivity at 11.317Gb/s = 5mVppd
    • Rx DJ = 4pspp; Rx RJ = 0.7psrms
    • Programmable bandwidth
    • Rx output pre-emphasis and squelch
    • Programmable Rx output swing
    • Programmable rise/fall times
    • Adjustable loss of signal detect threshold
    • Switchable Rx polarity invert
  • Measurement of digital diagnostic and monitoring parameters
  • 2-wire serial interface for host communication
  • Software selectable power-down modes
  • 3.3V or 2.5V CMOS inputs and open drain outputs for control and status lines


  • Datacom
  • Telecommuncations

Order Codes

  • GN1158-INE3 - 4mm x 4mm
  • GN1158-INTE3 - 4mm x 4mm, Tape and Reel, 2500/reel
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