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  • Reliable, rugged, and highly qualified quad Compressive Video Amplifier Detector
  • SMP1000
  • Smallest and Lightest Radar Transponder Beacon
  • SMP1000T
  • Field Tester for SMP1000 and SMP2000
Semtech SMP2000

Semtech SMP2000

Smallest and Lightest Multi-band Transponder Beacon

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Small, rugged, and lightweight, the multi-band Microponder™ produces a field proven,
reliable beacon signal when interrogated by aircraft radar.

The SMP2000 is the smallest and lightest multi-band radar transponder beacon available on the market today. It is the dual band extension of our single band version, the SMP1000. Its minimal power consumption and "off-the-shelf" battery ensure continuous peration for almost 24 hours (in receive mode). The SMP2000 provides a very cost-effective solution for any customer in need of a small, rugged, and long-lasting eacon that permits greater mobility and increased effectiveness in operations. Its simple and passive operation significantly enhances the security and survivability of the unit under adverse operating conditions.

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GSA Logo Semtech is a GSA Approved supplier
Contract Number: GS-24F-0086N
CAGE Code: 0DH50

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  • Small; it fits into your shirt pocket
  • Lightweight; easy to carry
  • Rugged design to ensure it can be used over a wide temperature range, under varying environmental conditions
  • Horizontally polarized, tri-dipole antenna provides an exceptional 360-degree field of coverage
  • Strong, pulsed signal with corresponding long transmission range at very lower power consumption
  • Agile automatic gain control allows response to weak as well as strong signals at varying ranges
  • Multiple pulse codes ensure interoperability with many different radar types


  • Locator beacon for personnel in distress during search and rescue missions, and also as a point designator to provide accurate delivery of ordnance by aircraft for immediate or preplanned targets.
  • Enroute navigation or pathfinder functions to guide aircraft during periods of poor visibility.
  • Helps outline drop zones so that supplies, personnel, or heavy equipment drops can be made at precise ground points.


  • Self-contained Unit

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