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Semtech SMICV2G

Semtech SMICV2G

Reliable, rugged, and highly qualified quad Compressive Video Amplifier Detector

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The SMICV2G module provides a cost-effective solution by integrating four matched channels and associated power supplies, into a single package. Each channel takes an RF input and converts it to a video output in accordance with a specified transfer curve. The SMICV2G has CW rejection capabilities, and can produce the correct output even in a pulse-on-pulse situation. It meets severe vibration requirements and stringent I/O specifications over the full operating temperature.

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  • Single, integrated package reduces parts count, thus enhancing reliability
  • MTBF in excess of 20,000 hours
  • This rugged module was designed for high acceleration environment and is being tested to military specifications
  • Temperature compensation is used to minimize transfer curve variations
  • Four matched channels provide superior angle of arrival accuracy


  • The SMICV2G is currently integrated into the electronic warfare suite for fighter attack aircrafts.


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