Inside Circuit Vol. 1 Issue 7 - January 2010

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PMIC Digital Control Made Simple Using a Single Wire
Simple power management ICs don’t always require the read-write capability provided by bi-directional data buses. In many cases, a simple write-only protocol would be sufficient to program these devices without the need for read-back capability.

Semtech Adds Advanced PWM Dimming Interface to Tiny Charge Pump Platform for LED Backlighting in Handheld Devices
The industry’s first LED drivers to integrate digital low-pass filters that convert a PWM dimming signal’s duty-cycle into DC current for LCD backlighting with white LEDs.

Semtech Announces New Platform of Tiny Charge Pumps for LED Backlighting in Handheld Devices
Each member of the SC65x platform integrates a high-efficiency charge pump, multiple low-dropout current sink regulators, and the proprietary one-wire SemPulse® interface.

Semtech Introduces Flexible, Wide-Input Range Synchronous Buck Controller Platform
New SC418 and SC419 optimized for high efficiency and low EMI in ultra-thin 3mm x 3mm packaging.

Semtech Extends Buck Regulator Platform with Ultra Compact 1A, 1.5A and 2A Devices
New small form-factor buck (step down) DC-DC regulators provide a compact, high-efficiency solution to demanding point of load applications in a wide range of printer, networking, medical and other systems.



Five Frequently Asked Questions about System Level Transient Voltage Protection
This article explores some frequently asked questions regarding the basics of ESD and transient voltage suppression for board level circuit protection on dataline communication circuits.

Semtech Extends MicroClamp® Platform with Industry’s First 2.5V Protection Devices
These new TVS devices are targeted at multimedia smart phones with touchscreens, docking ports, memory slots and other interfaces that open the possibility of potential damage from ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).



Using Digital Modulation to Increase Power Output in FCC Part 15.247 Systems
This article shows how engineers can use the digital modulation specification in the Part 15 regulations to increase the output power for ISM band radios without resorting to spreading.

New Semtech Low-Power Transceiver Platform showcases Best Link Budget and RF Robustness 290-1020 MHz Transceiver Reduces Costs of ISM-Band RF Designs
The SX1231 provides a cost-effective solution for wireless applications using industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands like those found in automated meter readers and home/building automation systems.

Semtech RF Development Platform Speeds Time to Market for Low Power Wireless Designs
New development kit speeds time to market for low power wireless alarm, security, sensor network, automatic meter reading and monitoring and control products that use the SX1211 wireless transceiver with Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers (MCUs).

Semtech Adds Low-Power 300MHz-510MHz Transceiver and Receiver To ISM Band RF Platform
Two new Semtech devices for wireless RF solutions feature the industry’s lowest receive current consumption.


Develop Software for Test Instruments
This article shows how you can develop software in a way that makes it possible to automate test equipment and allow test operators to test just about anything.

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