Thunderbolt™ Cable Transceivers
Semtech GN2033

Semtech GN2033

Thunderbolt™ Cable Transceiver

Featuring sophisticated signal conditioning capability, Gennum's in-connector Thunderbolt™ transceiver technology delivers reliable data transfer at cutting-edge speeds over low cost, thin-gauge copper cables.

The GN2033 is a tiny, low power transceiver chip designed to be placed inside the connectors at either end of a Thunderbolt™ cable, enabling dual bidirectional 10Gb/s concurrent links over narrow-gauge copper wires. Unlike ordinary passive cables that can be used at lower data rates, the unprecedented speed of the new Thunderbolt™ technology places unique demands on the physical transmission media. The GN2033 provides the sophisticated signal boosting and detection functions required to transfer high-speed data without errors across inexpensive Thunderbolt™ copper cables.


  • 10.3125Gb/s signal conditioning for 2-5m thin-gauge Thunderbolt™ cables
  • Reliable, low-latency, error-free transmission
  • Low power and small size for placement inside cable connectors
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant


  • Laptop computers
  • Compact disk drives
  • High-resolution monitors
  • Professional, prosumer and consumer A/V equipment
  • Low-latency compute clusters
  • Thunderbolt™ to 10GbE, USB, FireWire, etc. adapters
  • Thunderbolt™ cable extenders
  • Instrumentation interfaces

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