High Rel Discrete Semiconductors

Semtech supplies discrete semiconductors in axial or surface-mount discretes, or in various custom assembly configurations. The designs are rugged and in packages that are hermetic and varied in their overall function and construction. Our discrete semiconductor product line ranges from single- to multi-phase devices in high-current/high-voltage configurations. Among their uses are power supplies, base stations, motor drives, and medical equipment. Custom devices are available.

For a full range of military-grade QPL (Qualified Parts List) products, please click on the QPL link or sublinks under the Product Families section below.

Space Level Test Flow Screening Now Available

Semtech Space Level Test Flow screening is now available for our Discrete Semiconductor Product line. This screening can be applied to both our standard QPL as well as QPL equivalent diodes that are manufactured in our DSCC certified production facility. Please contact your Semtech Sales Representative for more details.

Discrete Semiconductors Products
Qualified Parts List - Half Wave Rectifier (Power Diodes)
Half Wave Rectifier (Power Diodes)
Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies
Half Wave, High Voltage Assemblies
TVS Rectifiers
Qualified Parts List - Zener Diode Voltage Regulators
Qualified Parts List - TVS Rectifiers
Half Wave, High Current Assemblies
Three Phase Full Wave Bridge, Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies
Single Phase Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies
High Voltage Capacitors
Zener Diode Voltage Regulators
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