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Optical Solutions from 1G to 400G ...and beyond
Semtech Optical Products at OFC 2016 • March 22-24
Experience the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of Optical Communication Solutions in action at OFC 2016!

Semtech - Your Long-Term Strategic Partner - offering some of the industry's most innovative optical IC products for applications from 1G to 100G, as well as investing in leading edge technologies for 400G and beyond. These robust solutions improve performance and reliability, simplify design, lower system costs and improve time-to-market.

Booth #1383 • Anaheim Convention Center • Corporate Village

Schedule a meeting to visit booth 1383 in the Corporate Village area of the show to discuss your design challenges and see live demonstrations of the following industry-leading technologies:

  • 100G solutions for LR and SR for QSFP28 and CFP4
  • 25G solutions for SFP28
  • 10G solutions for LR
  • 2.5G solutions for SFP, GPON … and more
Booth #1457 • Anaheim Convention Center • Show Floor

Learn more about Semtech's Snowbush® crucial IP for ASIC/SOC designs

Semtech IP development is exclusively focused on the design and delivery of silicon-proven, high-speed serial interface IP, and marketing it under the Snowbush® brand. Offering the industry's most robust, widely-deployed and production-tested family of SerDes IP (PHY) cores for today's most demanding high-speed serial communication protocols and applications.
Visit booth 1457 to learn more!

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