Talent and Technology

  • Investment in human capital
  • Cutting-edge products
  • Winning new customers
  • Opportunities

A relentless investment in human capital required to design and market new products gives Semtech the advantage

Advantage - Semtech's business model aims to maximize profitability and cash flow, while minimizing risk. We accomplish this by investing in the engineers required to design and market new products, then employ other's capital to actually manufacture the products. In the analog and mixed-signal sector of the semiconductor industry, technical talent is more advantageous than capital-intensive production capacity.

We introduce cutting-edge products ahead of the competition

Anticipation - Our marketing and applications engineers devote a lot of time and energy to learning about new programs and carefully define new products to support them. Our circuit design engineers then layout these performance-enhancing parts. In the end, Semtech introduces proprietary products that offer innovation to our customers, many times before our competition even initiates the development process.

Creative solutions enable new design wins and earn new customers

Innovation - We drive innovation by fostering an engineering rich culture -- approximately 70% of Semtech's salaried employees are engineers. With such a large number of engineers, Semtech is well tailored for the design and development of the new products that provide our customers with the added value and innovation they need to be successful.

Increase content, gain market-share and develop new market opportunities

Opportunity - Semtech drives growth in three ways. First, by increasing the Semtech-content available to sell into existing applications. Second, by gaining market-share against competitors, who are many times larger than Semtech. And, finally, by pursuing new market applications, like computer-based gaming systems. New product development is key to all of these opportunities and fuels our continued growth.

“As an engineer right out of college, I wanted to join a com-pany where I could make a difference and that’s not something you can always do working for bigger companies.”

Fiscal responsibility

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