Product Line Overview

Video Broadcast Semtech’s comprehensive platform of SDI solutions, based on more than 20 years of video expertise, enable our customers to solve real world design challenges. Our devices are used in all equipment with SDI interfaces operating at SD, HD or 3G rates, for transporting digital video between equipment.
  • Cable Drivers
  • Equalizers
  • Reclockers
  • SDI Transmitters (Serializers) & Receivers (Deserializers)
  • Crosspoint Switches
  • Timing & Synchronization

Security & Surveillance Semtech’s video surveillance products for HD video surveillance enable upgrade of analog CCTV installations to full digital HD, leveraging installed base of cabling. Our products enable the highest performance HDcctv standards-compliant designs.
  • HD Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • HD Camcorders
  • HD Monitors & Displays
  • Industrial Imaging
  • Video Servers
  • Cable Extenders
  • Digital Signage

Wireless RF and Sensing Semtech’s wireless RF products consist of RF transceiver, RF transmitter, and RF receiver components covering the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band radio frequency spectrum (from low kHz up to 1 GHz). These products feature the highest link budget in the industry, which enables more robust communication between wireless devices and also significantly reduces communications infrastructure costs. Our RF sensing solutions are RF transceiver chipsets that operate in the 3 Ghz to 5 GHz spectrum and are primarily intended for industrial position sensors.
  • RF-Transceivers
  • RF-Transmitters
  • RF-Receivers

Power Management Semtech’s Power Management products include feature high efficiency, high integration and small size for networking, telecom and high-end consumer markets where Energy Star and other energy copliance initiatives cotiinually raise the bar for greener, smarter and smaller products.
  • Switching & LDO Regulators
  • Charge Pumps
  • LED & MOSFET Drivers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Hot-Swap Controllers
  • Load Switches

Circuit Protection (TVS)
Semtech’s Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) safeguard circuits against damage or latch-up caused by ESD, lightning and other destructive voltage transients. Our protection devices feature low clamping voltage, low capacitance, and low leakage current.
  • ESD Protection
  • ESD-EMI Filter Protection
  • High-Current Lightning Protection
  • Low Capacitance ESD Protection
  • Low Voltage ESD Protection

Optical Transport (SerDes) Semtech’s ultra low jitter performance SerDes devices allow manufacturers to develop low cost, low power, and high performance optical transport equipment that can handle more bandwidth in a smaller space, enabling global carriers to meet exponentially growing video, voice and data traffic demands.
  • 40Gbps MUX and DeMUX
  • 100Gbps MUX and DeMUX

Timing and Synchronization Semtech significantly reduces network operating expenses by providing high-performance, standards-based network timing and synchronization products that allow service providers to migrate from circuit networks to Ethernet packet networks. Our timing solutions based on the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol are deployed worldwide throughout 3G & 4G networks, optical telecom networks, and IP backhaul solutions.
  • Synchronous Equipment Timing Source PLL
  • Timing over Packet Networks (ToPSync™)

Touch Interface and Sensing Semtech’s Touch Interface products feature Smart Proximity sensors which can automatically reduce the RF output power in a mobile device when it is near a person or maintain a constant power output when it is near an object such as a desk or table. This unique feature allows manufacturers of high end, portable devices, such as tablets, mobile PCs, and Smartphones to develop products that comply with SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) standards for limiting RF energy exposure. Semtech also offers Capacitive and Resistive Touch controllers with multi-touch and proximity sensors that use standard Touch Panels.
  • Proximity Sensor
  • SAR Compliance Sensor
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Multi-touch Resistive
  • Industrial Sensing (data convertors with pre-amplifiers)

Optical Networking, Storage & Computing Semtech offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of IC for optical transceivers, backplane applications, and consumer high-speed interfaces. Our solutions range from 100Mb/s-100Gb/s supporting key industry standards such as Ethernet, Wireless backhaul, PON, Fibre Channel, SONET, Infiniband®, and PCI Express®.
  • Transimpedance Amp (TIA)
  • Laser Driver (LD)
  • Limiting Amp (LA)
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
  • Transceiver (LD+LA)
  • Optical Receiver (ROSA)
  • Backplane CDR/Driver/Re-driver
  • Repeater/Signal Conditioner
  • Crosspoint Consumer
  • Thunderbolt CDRs
High Reliability Discrete Semiconductors Semtech designs and manufactures power products in axial, surface-mount discrete and various custom assembly configurations. These high performance/rugged products, in high-current, high-voltage configurations, are employed in a wide range of devices used primarily in military, aerospace, industrial and medical applications.
  • Half Wave Discrete Rectifiers (QPL)
  • TVS Rectifiers (QPL)
  • Zener Voltage Regulators (QPL)
  • Half Wave, High Current & Voltage Assemblies
  • Single & Three Phase Full Wave Bridge Assemblies
  • Single Phase Center Tap and Doubler Assemblies
  • Custom Assemblies

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