RF Transceivers
  • SX1272
  • Long Range, Low Power RF Transceiver 860-1000MHz with LoRa(TM)
  • SX1276
  • 137-1050 MHz Ultra Low Power Long Range Transceiver
  • SX1236
  • 137 MHz to 1020 MHz Low Power Bi-Band Transceiver
  • SX1235
  • ETSI Category 1 Compliant RF Transceiver
  • SX1232
  • Ultra Low Power (9.3mA RX) High Performance RF Transceiver
  • SX1211
  • Ultra Low Power (3mA RX) RF Transceiver 862-960MHz
  • SX1212
  • Ultra Low Power (3mA RX) RF Transceiver 310-510MHz
  • SX1231
  • Integrated RF Transceiver with on +17dBm 290-1000MHz
Semtech XE1205

Semtech XE1205

TrueRF™ Multi-Channel, Narrow-Band RF Transceiver

The XE1205 is an integrated transceiver operating in the 433, 868 and 915 MHz license-free ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequency bands; it can also address other frequency bands in the 180-1000 MHz range. Its highly integrated architecture allows for minimum external components while maintaining design flexibility.


  • Programmable RF output power: up to +15 dBm
  • High Rx sensitivity: down to -121 dBm at 1.2 kbit/s,-116 dBm at 4.8 kbits.
  • Low power: RX=14 mA; TX = 62 mA @ 15 dBm
  • Can accommodate 300-1000 MHz frequency range
  • Wide band operation: up to 304.7 kbit/s, NRZ coding
  • Narrow band operation: 25 kHz channels for data rates up to 4.8 kbit/s, NRZ coding; optional transmitter pre-filtering to enable adjacent channel power below -37 dBm at 25 kHz
  • On-chip frequency synthesizer with minimum frequency resolution of 500 Hz
  • Continuous phase 2-level FSK modulation
  • Incoming data pattern recognition
  • Built-in Bit-Synchronizer for incoming data and clock synchronization and recovery
  • FEI (Frequency Error Indicator) with built-in AFC
  • RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
  • 16-byte FIFO for transmit / receive data buffering and transfer via SPI bus


  • Narrow-band and wide-band security systems
  • Voice and data over an RF link
  • Process and building control
  • Access control
  • Home automation
  • Home appliances interconnection



Order Codes

  • XE1205I074TRLF: VQFN-48, Lead-free RoHS Compliant, 2300 pieces on Tape & Reel