Laser Modulator Drivers
  • GN1157
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate LR Transceiver Chip
  • GN1158
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate SR Transceiver Chip
  • GN1160
  • 1.0 to 11.3Gb/s Multi-Rate Laser Driver Chip
  • GN1153B/C
  • 11.3 Gbps DFB/FP Laser Driver
  • GN1155
  • Multi-rate VCSEL Driver with Integrated Limiting Amplifier
  • GN1190
  • 1.0Gb/s to 14.5Gb/s 4-Channel VCSEL Array Driver
  • GN1411
  • 11.3G DML driver with integrated limiting amplifier
  • GN1412
  • 11.3G EML driver with integrated limiting amplifier
Semtech GN1189

Semtech GN1189

High-performance linear 56Gbd modulator driver

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The GN1189 is a high-performance, low-noise linear 56Gbd modulator driver for 100G and 400G PAM4 optical networking modules.

Contact your local Semtech sales representative for the datasheet and ordering information.

No Datasheet

Pb Free/ROHS Status


  • Up to 56Gbaud data rates
  • Highly linear
  • Low noise


  • Up to 56Gbaud Ethernet 100G and 400G PAM4 modules

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