Wireless Charging ICs - Transmitters & Receivers
  • TS30041Q
  • High Efficiency 1A/2A Current-Mode Synchronous Buck Converter, 2.2MHz
  • TS30042Q
  • High Efficiency 1A/2A Current-Mode Synchronous Buck Converter, 2.2MHz
  • TS51221
  • High Efficiency Regulator IC for Wireless Power Receiver Applications
  • TS51223
  • Wireless Power Receiver
  • TS51224
  • Wireless Power Receiver and Battery Charger
  • TS61001
  • Full-bridge FET Driver
  • TS61002
  • Full-bridge FET Driver
  • TS80000
  • High Efficiency Transmitter Controller for Wireless Power Systems
Semtech TS51111

Semtech TS51111

High Efficiency Synchronous Rectifier and Charging IC for Wireless Power Applications

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The TS51111 is a fully-integrated synchronous rectifier for wireless charging applications with additional integrated components to minimize system BOM.


  • High efficiency synchronous rectification of AC input
  • Supports both Direct and Indirect Charging applications
  • Supports WPC Qi® compliant and non-compliant systems
  • Low Rds-on rectifier switches
  • High voltage input for higher power systems
  • Up to 10W Output
  • >98% efficiency at high currents
  • Integrated switches for load modulation
  • Integrated switch for battery disconnect
  • Integrated precharge current source
  • 50mA output low Iq LDO
  • Analog mux for ADC sensing
  • Supply Under Voltage Lockout
  • Low external component count
  • Ultra-low standby quiescent current
  • Junction operating temperature -40C to 125C


  • Cell Phones and Smart Phones
  • Tablet Computers
  • eReaders
  • Laptop Computers
  • Small Digital Cameras
  • Portable Video Recorders
  • Wireless charging for portable devices


  •  45 Ball WCSP Package (5x9 ball array, 0.4mm ball pitch), Tape & Reel (3000 parts/reel)

Order Codes

  •  TS51111-M22WCSR: High Efficiency Wireless Power Receiver, WCSP Package

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