Crosspoint Switches
  • GX4002
  • 2x2 14.025Gb/s Crosspoint Switch with Trace Equalization and Output De-Emphasis
Semtech GX9533

Semtech GX9533

Serial Digital 8x9 Crosspoint

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Not Recommended for New Designs

The GX9533 is a high speed 8x9 serial digital crosspoint. An expansion input port eases the design of larger switching matrices by reducing PCB layers and eliminating the need for cascaded secondary switching.

Decode logic and double level latching to configure the matrix are included on chip. Separate LOAD and CONFIGURE inputs allow for asynchronous configuration and synchronous switching. These latches can also be made transparent for asynchronous switching by pulling the LOAD and CONFIGURE pins high.

In the power saving (PS) mode, the GX9533 has a very low power consumption of 500mW. This is accomplished by driving a 400mV output swing into the on-chip 200ohm differential load termination in the expansion port of the next GX9533. This architecture provides a significant power savings and the elimination of external load resistors or impedance matching resistors. In applications where standard PECL levels are necessary, the GX9533 can be configured in "PECL Mode", to drive 800mV p-p into a 100ohm differential load. The power consumption in this mode increases to 860mW.


  • Operation beyond 622Mb/s
  • Accepts SMPTE and PECL input levels
  • Fully differential signal path
  • On-chip PECL current loads eliminate need for external
  • Pull-down resistors
  • Capable of driving 100ohm differential loads
  • Very low 500mW power consumption
  • Additional expansion port input for construction of larger matrices
  • Auxiliary monitoring output
  • Easy to configure
  • Double latched address inputs with separate load and configure
  • TTL/CMOS compatible control logic inputs
  • Single 5V power supply


  • Serial digital video switching
  • Datacom or telecom switching

Order Codes

  • GX9533-CTYE3: Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, Tape and Reel-250 Pieces
  • GX9533-CQYE3: Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, Tray-66 Pieces
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