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Semtech GN1406

Semtech GN1406

PCI-SIG Compliant Quad Retiming Re-Driver

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The GN1406 is a PCI-SIG compliant quad retiming re-driver designed for 2.5Gbps and 5.0Gbps or 3.125Gbps and 6.25Gbps communications.

The GN1406 extends the reach and robustness of high-speed serial links by compensating for losses in the transmission medium and resetting the jitter budget.

Each high-speed input interface includes an integrated high input jitter tolerant retimer circuit with adjustable equalization.

The GN1406 high-speed serial output interface features very low jitter and allows for amplitude adjustment through the use of a serial control interface. De-emphasis levels can also be set to compensate for transmission losses.

Each channel in the GN1406 can be independently configured or powered down.

A turn-key Reference Design Kit is available including schematics and PCB design database.


  • PCIe 2.0, 5GT/s compliant
  • Low Power Dissipation
  • Multi-rate operation: 2.5Gbps, 3.125Gbps, 5Gbps, or 6.25Gbps
  • Supports 1.25Gb/s operation
  • High Input Jitter Tolerance
  • Retimer resets the jitter budget
  • Programmable Input Equalization
  • Low latency
  • Retimer Bypass Option
  • Loss of Lock Indicator
  • Loss of Signal Indicator
  • Horizontal Phase Adjustment Capability
  • Independent Channel Operation
  • Individual Channel Power Down
  • Selectable Output Level
  • Programmable Output De-emphasis
  • Individual programmable channels
  • I2C Control Interface
  • Transparent operation for data rate auto negotiation in PCIe® 2.0
  • Supports spread spectrum clocking for PCI Express® applications
  • Supports Receiver Detect for PCI Express applications
  • Supports Electrical Idle preservation for PCI Express applications with ultra-fast Electrical Idle Entry and Exit


PCI Express x1 Over a Single CATx Cable
The high equalization gain and retiming capability of the GN1406 enables low-cost CATx cable to be used robustly for PCI Express at extended cable length. From a signal integrity perspective, CATx cable is challenging due to high losses and crosstalk caused by lack of shielding. The high gain equalization function of the GN1406 overcomes the cable insertion loss. The retimer mitigates this further while rejecting crosstalk induced jitter. Due to the need to communicate 3 or 4 sideband signals in addition to high-speed data and clock, another challenge for this application is the limited number of signal pairs available on a single CATx cable. By using a small Microcontroller at each end, it is possible to multiplex the low-speed sideband signals so that only a single twisted pair is required.

  • PCI Express 1.1 and 2.0
  • Infiniband SDR/DDR operation
  • High-speed serial line card and backplane communications
  • Blade servers
  • Cable extender
  • Parallel optics
  • QSFP
  • Retimer for SNAP-12, POP-4
  • Retimer for CX-4 or LX-4 modules
  • Retimer for KX-4 backplane applications

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