Sub-1 V Motor Timer-Controllers

Intrinsic 0.9 V Operation and Battery-Safe Mode Easy, Fast, Cost-Effective Design of Safer, Small Electronic Appliances
Semtech’s sub-1 V motor timer-controllers give designers simple, fast, cost-effective and safer solutions for driving innovation in the next generation of smaller, lighter, lower cost battery-operated electronic appliances.

Safe Battery Operation
Critical for product safety, these devices prevent dangerous potassium hydroxide (KOH) leakage from the battery, which can cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation.  If the battery is drained with significant continuous current (> 20 µA) when it is already low (below 0.9 V), an on-chip “battery-safe” mode automatically detects the low-voltage conditions and then opens all I/Os.  This places the device in a state where it cannot drain more than 10 µA across the full temperature range, then returns the system to normal operating mode when the voltage returns to higher values.

Simple, Fast Design
The SX8120, SX8121 and SX8122 application-specific ICs are designed to operate intrinsically at 0.9V to control a DC motor or other continuous low-voltage element and drive a high-brightness LED directly from a single battery.

The SX8124 timer enables cordless products with NiMH or NiCd charging systems to meet emerging eco-regulations that mandate the system to turn off when not actively charging the product.  The SX8124 reduces power consumption to meet these regulations by enabling the battery to recharge for a set time (programmable from 15 minutes to 24 hours) after which the power turns off even while the device is still plugged in to the power main.

  • SX8124: 15 minute to 24 hour timer synchronized on 50 or 60Hz main
  • SX8122: 0.9V motor timer-controller with analog programmable timer (similar to 555 timer with additional low-voltage features)
  • SX8120: 0.9 V motor-timer controller with ON/OFF switch, and 15 or 30 second timeout
  • SX8121: 0.9 V motor-timer controller with ON/OFF switch and 10 minute timeout or no timeout
Key Features

  • Single-cell operation:  AA or AAA alkaline, NiMH or NiCd battery
  • Battery safe: starts controlling I/Os at 0.6V to facilitate startup, full operation between 0.9 and 2V, battery overload indicator, guaranteed < 10µA on low batt to avoid battery leakage
  • 1-button operation
  • DC motor control and boost control for high-brightness white or green LEDs
  • Voltage monitor enables simple USB charger for NiMH or NiCd supplied devices
  • No external boost converter and inductor required
  • No need for custom development: application-specific standard products

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