Piezo & Mems Actuators
Semtech SX8750

Semtech SX8750

30V DAC for Piezo Actuator Control

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SX8750 is a piezo actuator driver. It operates from a 3V supply and generates up to 30V to drive the actuator. No coil or external flying capacitor is used to increase the voltage, minimizing the number of externals and the size of the solution. The differential output drives the actuator with positive or negative voltage.


  • I2C controlled 10 bit differential DAC
  • Wide supply range: 2.4 - 4.8 V supply voltage
  • Wide output range: -16 V to +30 V differential output.
  • No coil, no external flying capacitor
  • Extremely lowpower
  • down to 1 mA active, 1 uA shutdown
  • Programmable slew rate limitation
  • Up to 10 kS/s
  • Small CSP footprint: 0.8 x 1.6 mm2


  • Capacitive actuator control
  • Piezoelectric actuator control


Order Codes

  • SX8750ACSTRT
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